start at $4 per user per month for a 20 user licence

You can start with a small group of users (up to 20) and add other groups once you are ready to introduce Action Log to other areas of your organisation.

A typical start would be 20 users, each with their own email address. The total cost in USD would be US$65 per month. Full access to Action Log for all 20 users is provided.

Per month excludng any applicable taxes:
20 Users$80$65$60£40€50
50 Users$160$130$120£80€100
75 Users$240$195$180£120€150

Buy now to go straight to your 20 or more user organization. Credit card payments are conducted securely through PayPal. Payment options are:

Monthly subscription in advance, using a PayPal account and your choice of credit card. Click the Buy Now button to complete this process.

Annual subscription in advance based on invoice. Save on administration costs and get a 5% discount. Email us at and we will email you an invoice and set up your company within 24h of payment.

Prices are exclusive of GST/VAT/Taxes and per company based on the number of user accounts in the pricing plan.

Document storage greater then 500MB, implementation consultancy, training, and support are not included in the price of subscription.

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