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30 Aug 2014 - Use Action Log to stay on top of customer feedback

Acting on customer feedback is key to your reputation. It's also crucial to the continuous improvement systems that the top companies use to deliver the highest quality products and services. New Zealand companies are using Action Log to translate customer feedback into action. Action Log tracks action against opportunities, and highlights where action is overdue by sending emails.

Upon receiving a suggestion or complaint from customers, customer service staff can immediately put the feedback into Action Log as an opportunity for improvement.

This can be done from a computer, tablet, or smartphone - Action Log is in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Actions can be added against the improvement. Reminder emails will be automatically sent to ensure these are completed.

Each staff member can see a to-do list of actions that they are responsible for and tick them off when they're done. It will highlight overdue and high priority actions. All incomplete or overdue actions can be brought up via a report. Custom reports that filter and search action and improvement data can be easily made using the report form.

This approach ensures that customer feedback is always followed up on appropriately, can be measured, reported on, and continually improved. See an online 5 minute demo.

21 Nov 2013 - Contacts, Import Contacts from Xero

Your continuous improvement system can track more information about the involvement of your customers and suppliers.

Action Log can now track which customers and suppliers are related to your improvements. There was already some support for this through the reference fields feature, but with direct support now available, reference fields will be freed up for other purposes, and multiple suppliers and customers can be associated with an improvement.

Syncing Contacts With Xero

Reports also have the ability to filter results down to only those related to a specific contact. Contact information can be imported from the Xero accounting package from the Contacts page.

The page for tracking employees, contractors, and consultants with access to the company's Action Log is now called Staff.

21 Nov 2013 - Working Groups

Recently, we added a feature to action log to support different continuous improvement groups in your organisation. The feature is called 'working groups', and lets you create improvements that are private to particular groups in the organisation, or just group improvements together based on who they are relevant to. Each group a user is in will appear as an item in their menu bar. If the group is private, improvements belonging to the group will not be shown on the 'All Improvements' page of users outside the group.

Syncing Contacts With Xero

An improvement can be in multiple working groups, and which ones it is in can be selected at the time it is created. Working groups and their memebership can be managed from "working group settings", which can be accessed from the settings menu.

8 Nov 2012 - Action Log API

An API has been added to action log to enable its integration with third-party software and the development of add-ons for specialised functionality. Any application capable of sending HTTP requests can use the API. Applications can set defaults for improvement types, analysis codes and most other fields. This helps to make using the continuous improvement system faster and easier. When entering lots of similar improvements, fields can be hidden and set to defaults by making an add-on with the API. A suggestion box application could look like this:

Suggestion Box Software

When the create button is pressed, it would add suggestion improvements to Action Log such as:

Suggestion Created

The Action Log API is secured using an API key. Existing users who are interested in access to and documentation for the API should contact us to make arrangements.

6 Oct 2012 - Action Log for Advanced Aerospace

Advanced Aerospace are experts in the manufacture of high quality custom made carbon fibre components and products. To supply aircraft components and high tech marine products a number of quality assurance standards had to be met. Early in 2012 a commitment was made to installing Action Log on 6 shop floor workstations and through out the sales, design and administration offices. This commitment has paid off with shop floor issues and improvements all captured electronically as real time data. A full suite of analysis reports and csv data export options comes with Action Log. These reports along with the improvement and action screens provide support for the company's continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programmes.


21 May 2012 - Emailing Notes

As of today, when adding a note to an improvement, you have the opportunity to send out an email notifying all related people for that improvement of the note's content.

Example Note Email Form

A letter icon will appear next to notes that have been emailed.

14 May 2012 - Resolution Codes

This week, Action Log gained a new type of data for improvement tracking and analysis - Resolution Codes. Resolution codes are used to label the different results from an improvement. This can include the end result of an investigation, the root cause of a problem, and the outcome of an opportunity.

Example Resolution Code

In the example above, the resolution code shows that the root cause of the problem turned out to be the lighthouse's equipment, and the closing note explains how it was dealt with.

07 May 2012 - Graphs

We have added animated analytic graphs. These provide quick summaries of your improvement program for use in meetings and audits.

Example Graph

The improvement status graphs show the status of improvements grouped by either improvement type or analysis code. They make a great companion to the reports, visually summarising the data.